South Pacific Honeymoon

Hello, everyone! My name is Ellen and I have just planned and booked my own honeymoon to the South Pacific (Fiji and New Zealand to be exact!) for next year.  I wanted to share some key things to think about when planning a South Pacific honeymoon.

Get Started Early
One of the biggest tips is also one of the simplest – get started early! We all know there are enough last minute details that go into wedding planning that your honeymoon doesn’t have to be one of them. Having a fantastic honeymoon locked in (and budgeted for) far in advance not only takes the pressure off of you, but also helps you to have it to look forward to when matching flowers to the bridesmaid dresses becomes a bit overwhelming (my fellow brides-to-be can relate to these dilemmas).

Another reason to start early is managing your budget. In addition to avoiding availability issues, starting early can also help in regards to airfare prices as we typically recommend purchasing your flights 6-9 months in advance. Budget can be a dreaded thing in wedding planning and it goes without saying deciding how much money you want to put towards your honeymoon and how far that money can go in the South Pacific are important elements to discuss early on.

When are you going?
There are two important questions that need to be decided upon when thinking about going on your honeymoon:

  1. When do you want to leave (day after the wedding, the next day, months later?) and are you flexible?
  2. What is the weather like in the South Pacific at that time?

If you aren’t flexible on your dates and would like to go on your honeymoon right after your wedding, then thinking about the weather in the South Pacific is very important. As the seasons are reversed (their summer is our winter) and the tropical areas have a rainy season of November – March, talking to your travel consultant about the weather at your destination of choice is very important. If you are flexible on when you travel for your honeymoon, then you will have a key advantage of being able to go to your destination of choice when the weather will be most ideal.


How do you choose between so many great destinations?
With so many fantastic destinations, how do you choose where to go on your honeymoon? For me, the answer starts with deciding what you want to do on your South Pacific honeymoon. Do you picture yourself bungy jumping? Having a cocktail in an overwater bungalow? Cuddling a koala? Going on an African safari? Knowing the type of travelers you are as a couple and the type of honeymoon trip you’d like will help ensure you choose the right destination for you.
Keep in mind that everyone is different when it comes to choosing their ideal type of honeymoon and your own answers may even surprise you. Even though you may typically be the “go go go” traveler as I like to call them, your South Pacific honeymoon is about experiencing a new destination with your new spouse and building lifelong memories. It’s okay to decide you want to just sit on the beach all day, every day. It’s also okay to decide you want to experience as much as possible with the time that you have. Just remember, there are a lot of anniversary trips in the future in case you can’t fit it all in on your honeymoon trip.

Have Fun
Planning your South Pacific honeymoon can be such a great bonding experience – is there anything better than deciding where you’re going to go to kick start your married life together? The South Pacific truly ticks the box of a “once in a lifetime” destination and is deserving of a honeymoon trip – so enjoy!

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