Kenya Safari: What will you see?

Did you know that safari is the one common English word derived from Swahili? It means “a trip or journey of any kind.” The Swahili word for animal is mnyama (pluralized it would be wanyama). When you visit Africa, be sure to take a Kenya Safari! Whether it’s on foot, in a jeep, or on elephant back- you’ll be witness to the wondrous wanyama that inhabit this rich country. In Kenya alone, you can find three types of ecosystems- Savanna, Tropical Forest & Subtropical Forest. Here you’ll find almost all animals accustomed to Sub-Saharan climates, and in great numbers! Among these animals, keep your eyes open for the Big 5: lions, leopards, elephants, buffalo, and rhino!

While on safari, you may want to brag a little, so here are some Swahili translations for the Big 5:

  • Lion: simba
    Kenya Wildlife - lion Simba
  • Leopard: chiu
    Kenya Wildlife - leopard chiu
  • Elephant: ndovu/tembo
    Kenya Wildlife - elephant ndovu / tembo
  • Buffalo: mbogo
    Kenya Wildlife - buffalo mbogo
  • Rhino: kifaru
    Kenya Wildlife - rhino kifaru

These are the big guys, don’t forget there are many other animals in Kenya. With over 1100 recorded bird species and over 50 mammals species, you’re likely to see giraffes, jackals, antelopes, warthogs, wildebeest, many types of monkeys, baboons, zebra, hippopotamus, aardvarks, bushbabies and many more. It is important to note that out of these species, many are endangered and threatened. Kenya works diligently to preserve its wildlife and ecosystems. So while you’re here, take a moment to learn more about your surroundings and enjoy the wonders of Kenya!

Kenya Wildlife - Daytime aardvark  Kenya Wildlife - flamingos Kenya Wildlife - zebras Kenya Wildlife - giraffes

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