Intro to Johannesburg

G’day!  This week we at DUE would like to gush about all that is Johannesburg.  Jo’burg, or Jozi, as it is affectionately called, is the second largest city in Africa with more than 3 million people calling it home.  This vibrant city is rapidly on the up and up.  The cultural district of Newton offers amazing theatres, restaurants, museums and  jazz clubs.  Within the inner city suburbs, like Brammfontein and Doornfontein, you’ll find the coolest  clubs, bars, and cultural spaces.


Jo’burg is a buzzing metropolis and also happens to be the hub of the fashion and arts of South Africa- right up there with Cape Town.  To speak to Johannesburg’s posterity this year’s Spring/Summer 2015 Fashion Week will be held in Jo’burg 18-22 March, featuring amazing designers and the most gorgeous couture fashions.  For more info on South Africa Fashion week, click here.  If you’re looking to explore the arts, experience a Johannesburg Artwalk.  On these leisurely walks you have the opportunity to discover the creative diversity found in this city, exploring select art precincts and the nooks and crannies of city streets and parks.  On top of that there are loads of galleries and cultural centers to check out, if you’re feeling like a little independent exploration!

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While in Johannesburg, there are some must sees and must do’s that we recommend:

Tour Soweto, a historic township located southwest of Jo’burg.  It’s the largest township and famous for its role in the struggle against apartheid.  You’ll find this township is full of life and history like no other.
Visit the Apartheid Museum.  A humbling experience, this museum gives you an idea of what it was like to live in South Africa during Apartheid.  The museum has two entrances labeled ‘white’ and ‘non-white,’ depending on the ticket you receive, you’ll be issued through one of the two.  Immerse yourself in this history of South Africa, and discover the ups and downs that have lead to South Africa’s transition to a non-racial democratic society, and learn about Nelson Mandela’s amazing life.  Ready to take a walk through history?  Check out more about the Apartheid Museum here.
The Cradle of Humankind, is another must see!  Take a full day or half day tour of this 47,000 hectares World Heritage UNESCO site.  Here you’ll find limestone caves, where the 2.3 million year old fossil Australopithecus Africanus was found in 1947!  More than a third of all hominid fossils ever found have come from this area.  You’ll also stop at the Maropeng Visitor Center, where you’ll experience a world-class exhibition focusing on the development of humans and hominids over the last few million years.


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