Ebola & South Africa – Did you know?

G’day mates!  With all of the media coverage about the Ebola outbreak, we understand there is a level of worry when traveling internationally, especially to South Africa.  Down Under Endeavours would like to provide you with facts, as well as any updates on the matter.

Below are some quick facts about the outbreak, including visual maps, showing where the outbreak is concentrated, and the distance most major cities are from the outbreak area.



Just to give you an idea of the sheer size of Africa, check out the handy map below.


*Click the map for larger viewing.

Taking a look at the map above, South Africa (that would be the bottom of Japan on the map) is quite far way from the Ebola outbreak (where San Francisco is on the map above).  Another way to think of it is that the Ebola outbreak is as far away as the distance between Chile and Chicago.  Pretty crazy eh?

Quick Facts:

  • The Ebola outbreak is ONLY concentrated in certain countries in West Africa (Liberia, Sierra, Leone, Guinea).
  • Johannesburg is further from the outbreak than London, Dubai, Rome and Rio de Janeiro.
  • Cape Town is as far away and is closer to Antarctica than West Africa!
  • There have been no Ebola cases or arrivals in South Africa in this epidemic.
  • Since 2010 ALL arriving passengers into Johannesburg have been screened for raised body temperatures.
  • There are 11 medical facilities trained to isolate any Ebola case that arrives into the country.
  • South Africa has a sophisticated medical infrastructure to keep the country and sub-continent free of this virus.

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