All About Africa

Hello mates, English Marie here.  Are you dreaming of an Africa vacation?   Well we’ve got you covered.   Africa is a land full of diversity in culture, economy, and wildlife.  From the Sahara to rainforest, to beaches and buzzing cities, Africa will never fail to impress with adventures around every corner.  Perfect for foodies, wildlife adventurers and culture seekers, Africa is a once in a lifetime experience.


Africa is huge continent, with many countries all varying in culture, economy, and landscape.  Many people don’t truly understand the size of this continent.  This great info graphic will help give you an idea of just how huge Africa truly is.

When traveling to Africa there are a few things you should keep in mind.  First and foremost make sure to invest in travel insurance.  Medical coverage is the most important, as hospitals in Africa are not free and the good hospitals are not cheap.  Getting to the hospital can also cost you, so make sure you’re covered for ambulances (both air and land) and any emergency flights home.  Traveling Africa can be as expensive or as cheap as you make it.  From 5-star luxury to backpacking and hostel stays, pinch your pennies or live extravagantly, the choices are endless and depend on your comfort level.  Visas are something you should think ahead for.  For short stays you can take care of most of your visas before you leave home, for longer trips you may need to get them as you go, keep in mind most countries will have an embassy in each neighboring country- but it’s not a guarantee!  Traveling in Africa will often require time, energy and some patience.  May places will require you to self-drive, think of it as part of the adventure- because it is!    From boats, cars, trains, planes, bicycles, motorcycles, and even hitchhiking (ahtough we wouldn’t recommend it), the options for getting around are are many, and the places you can go are even more so.

Get your imagination going and start dreaming of all the places and things to see and do in Africa!  Here are a few of our favorite must-must-do Africa wildlife adventures:

  • The Great Migration, Kenya & Tanzania – August and September are the perfect time to see the wildebeest Great Migration. You’ll see loads of animals making their way through Africa, from wildebeest and zebras to rhinos and lions.  Get your binoculars out and keep your eyes peeled for the Big 5!  Now is the time to book as the lodges for the Mara crossing book up quickly. Click here to review our featured itinerary.
  • Gorilla Trekking, Rwanda – Tracking gorillas through the light mountain forest on the slopes of the Virungas is a magical experience.  If you’re lucky, trekking is easy and you’ll find gorillas in no time, however some of them can be quite elusive, especially during wet weather.  So keep an eye out!  Check out our featured gorilla trekking experience here.
  • Victoria Falls, Zambia/Zimbabwe – Victoria Falls is located on the Zambezi River, creating the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe, and is known as the greatest waterfall in the world.  There are multiple view points offering the most spectacular vistas of this awe-inspiring natural wonder.



If you’re more of a city dweller and want to explore the history of Africa’s nations, you should definitely visit Cape Town, South Africa.  Also known as the “Mother City,” in Cape Town you’ll find golden beaches, the wondrous behemoth that is Table Mountain, and vineyards full of delicious grapes, as well as beautifully kept botanical gardens within the city, such as Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens. Among this natural beauty, you’ll also find a rich South African history full of culture and diversity, as well as a sense of community. South Africa’s past is a rocky one, but one that the country is making strides to rise above. This is a city of diversity, full of different cultures and outlooks. Here you’ll find all sorts of beliefs coexisting, creating a unique society.

Are you ready to start planning your Africa vacation?  Give us a call at 312-951-857 and let our travel specialists handcraft a once in a lifetime journey, just for you.  Need some examples?  Click here and immerse yourself in our many destinations and handcrafted itineraries.