Announcing the launch of Africa Endeavours

I can’t believe I finally get to make this announcement: Down Under Endeavours is expanding its reach and launching a separate brand, Africa Endeavours. We’ve been selling destinations in Africa for some time, and it was so popular, we decided it deserved its own brand! Africa Endeavours will offer hand crafted luxury travel services to our clients, giving them once in a lifetime experiences on this beautiful continent. We can’t wait to help you start exploring!

The idea of creating this brand has been brewing for quite a long time. It all started 13 years ago at a live auction charity event.

“Congratulations, you’re going to Africa!”

Did I hear that right? I thought for sure the lady across the room from me had the highest bid.

I didn’t even know what the trip to Africa entailed, but I was ready to explore somewhere new. Upon closer look, I saw it was 10 days in Cape Town, a luxury rail journey on the Rovos Rail, and 4 nights in the bush at a wonderful game lodge.

I took that trip 6 months later and knew the moment I walked off the plane in Cape Town that I was in a place so much like Australia that it would become home for me. The people were what did it: the easygoing nature, the smiles, the same sense of humor and passion for rugby. Those next 10 days, I tried to see as much as possible. I asked locals where to eat and drink, where to shop, and where to avoid. On the rail journey, I was the only Australian. It was filled with South Africans on a journey of a lifetime themselves…exploring their own homeland.


I will never forget the first game lodge I ever went to. The giant gates opened like in Jurassic Park. Within 2 minutes of entering, I saw my first zebras in the wild, and not long after that, a giraffe came crossing our road. I was in a tiny Honda, and wondered for the moment what would happen if a rhino came out. Yep, we would definitely lose that face off.

The staff greeted me with a song and a cold towel to wipe my face in the heat. I took my first game drive at night, seeing large herds of elephants with their young ones. I definitely felt that a similar moment was what inspired Steven Spielberg!

Those next 3 days I got up early, heading out in open aired vehicles to see what the wildlife was up to that day. I’ll never forget the buzz of seeing my first baby hippo and the rush of the first pride of lions… the sense of vulnerability and tremendous respect for these powerful giants.

The last night of my trip included a surprise dinner in the bush. I sat there in awe, listening to how perfectly the staff harmonized in the dark, transporting me to another era. The flames of the bonfire danced behind the singers as they shuffled their feet through the sand around it. We were in the dry riverbed of what must be a mighty river during wet season. The hyenas’ eyes reflected in the shadows of the willow trees on the banks, and at that moment, I felt an intense sense of belonging —I was home. That was the moment I decided I couldn’t keep this a secret. That others needed to experience this as well.


13 years later, after finding the right ground crew in country to offer 24/7 support when clients are traveling and getting our luxury travel designers to experience the destination firsthand, I finally feel that we are ready. We can now deliver the same white glove service and personal touches for our clients that we do for Down Under Endeavours.

After selling destinations in Africa for more than 10 years, I am so thrilled to officially unveil Africa Endeavours today. All of our Africa Endeavours staff have visited the continent themselves and have had their own life-changing moments, from tracking gorillas in the rainforest to exploring the vibrant city of Cape Town. Now, we’re ready to share those experiences with you and help you create the trip of a lifetime in Africa.

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